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How To Turn Your Team Into A Perpetually Improving Machine

Research says that as much as 60% of the work done in the average business is spent doing;

The right thing wrong,

The wrong thing right,

Correcting the wrong thing to make it right &

Supervising staff to make sure the right thing is done at the right time.

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Welcome to Business Publications Australia...

It’s often said that Business Publications Australia is a “best kept secret” in the business community and business people are quite taken back when they “discover us” and our range of practical sales generating, productivity enhancing and cost cutting solutions we offer to the small and medium business community. To borrow a line from comedian George Burns, we are an overnight sensation which took twenty two years to develop! So, what is our reason for being, our purpose?


Put simply, we are dedicated to helping the business owner or manager make more profits out of their business. But that's not all. You see, the key thing in business is CASH, for it's CASH that will fund the desires and dreams of the owners and all those who work within the business.


We do this by concentrating on the basic fundamentals of increasing sales, reducing costs and improving productivity.


You are most welcome on our site and, over time, for our members we intend to make this a very dynamic site and a "must visit" for those who want a better result out of their business.


If your still not sure about Business Publications Australia simply check out our testimonials page! But be sure to set aside some time, as there are 114 testimonials on this site alone.

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Hi, I look forward to reading the Newsletter every month.  I have applied the 5% rule and the results were:  Increased sales by 10%, reduced income costs by 12%, operations cost 2 @ 10%; 1 @ 12%. Overall a huge 100% benefit. Thanks

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